“Strength for the weak and courage for the timid,” this is Grandmaster Steven Travis’ (Steve’s Gym) motto for his gym in Elkhart, Indiana.  All of his students learn this as part of their martial arts experience.  My son, whom is only three years old, knows this credo.  As I sit back and I think about it – that is kind of what we do here at FreedomSystem.org.  We want to give you knowledge, and unless you have been living under a rock you know that knowledge is power!  Freedom System’s mission has not changed since we conceptualized it back in 2006, and put it into action in 2008 after arriving home safely from Iraq.  We are a relatively young website, but at the same time we may be the only website still speaking the same truth as the day we started it!  Yet it is still not stale!

What does it mean to be strong?  In martial arts it means to be both mentally and physically fit, politically speaking it means to be full of knowledge and able to understand your convictions; furthermore, being strong in your faith (noticed I said faith not religion) means to be able to stand for what you believe – no matter what!  As a person of faith you will be tested.  Let me say that again:  AS A PERSON OF FAITH YOU WILL BE TESTED!!!  There are so many things that go into being strong in your faith that the easiest of those, which is also the hardest, but having faith the size of a mustard seed, and seeing the world through the eyes of children is easily forgotten.  We often forget to have faith in the one that we believe in.  I believe in Jesus Christ, God of God, Light of Light, true God of true God, being in one substance with the Father, from whom all are made.

Conviction:  You need to have conviction.  If you do not have conviction you will not be able to stand on your own leg.  You see someone being kicked – what do you do?  Do you just leave; walk away like it wasn’t happening, or do you step up to the plate and stop the abuse?  Conviction is something that is not easily earned.  Conviction is being able to step up and not worry about what others are saying to you, as long as you are morally sound, and convicted about what you speak about.  Conviction is not attacking, however; it is defending.  Just because you preemptively charge does not mean that one is attacking – remember the best offense is a great defense!

Be strong!  Be full of faith!  Remember that you can do all from whom all blessings flow!  The Lord is strong and mighty in those that follow Him.

Kenny Holmes
CEO / President at FreedomSystem.org
My name is Kenneth Holmes (Kenny, please!). I have two degrees from Indiana University - an Associates in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors in General Studies (concentrations Political Science, English, and Electronic Media). I am medically retired from the United States Army after 12 years of serving our great and wonderful country: United States of America. I am a father, a husband, a son, a brother, and a productive member of society!

My full time job is working with veterans and making their lives more manageable. I own my own photography company, Holmes Photography, and I build websites and do other side computer related work - graphics and the whatnot!

If you would like to know more about me you can email me at kenny@kennyleeholmes.com or kenny@freedomsystem.org