The Word and the defenseThere are a variety of different bags that you can use.  You can use an old ruck sack, a backpack, or something of the sort.  The most important thing to remember when choosing a bag though is something durable, which will last in the weather elements.  You will want a bag that is small enough that it is not too heavy, but big enough at the same time to carry all of your essentials that you need.  There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to putting items in your bag that may help you in the long run.  The essentials in your bag, are ultimately up to you, remember that this is just a guide.  You are going to need water, a food source, protection from elements and other influences, fire, and more that we will describe in better detail as this post follows through.

The most important thing in a bug out bad, a to-go bad, or whatever you want to call it is a way to be able to hydrate.  What is the one thing that man cannot live without?  Water!  Oh and the word of God.

            “But he answered and said, ‘It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.’” – Matthew 4:4

The two most important things in my bug out bag is a way to purify water, to make certain it is safe for drinking, and the other is a pocket Bible to make certain that I am being fed spiritually as well.  However, there are so many more items that can and do need to go into your bag.  If you are not a Christian, then you may not need a Bible, but for those of us that thirst for the Word then we do.

The next most important thing that we will need in our bags is a way to start a fire: lighter, propane torch, flint and steel; for multiple Water and Med Kitreasons: warmth, cooking, and possibly for signaling for help.  One never knows the situation that they may be in, in case of an emergency.  Fire can be a life saver, but remember fire can also be a very dangerous if not stoked properly (an article for another time).  Remember that there is more to fire than just fire.  Remember that it may be in your best interest to have a flashlight with extra batteries (a lot of extra batteries) in order to have light in times that you may need them.

Shelter, everyone needs shelter. If you have to bug out quickly then you are going to need to have shelter.  I would recommend a tent of something of the like.  Depending on the size of the party that you are going to have with you should depend on the size of the tent you need or shelter device – I would recommend having a place to go that is out of the way of people and/or a cave or some other type of shelter.  Included in shelter are obviously sleeping bags.  I would recommend a three phase sleeping bag for all weather types: Summer, Winter, Fall/Spring.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who conquers will not be hurt by the second death.’” Revelation 2:11

Remember to have some way of communicating with the world as well.  Transistor radios, ham radios, two-way radios, something that you can listen to find out what is going on in the outside world or even find out what is going to happening in the news to know whether it is safe to go home or not; also to keep in contact with everyone in your party.  Speaking of communicating, always remember to pray, even if you are not a Christian, a little prayer will go a long way!

overallProtection is a must.  What do you have to protect yourself?  I personally have two very sharp hunting knives, a pistol, and a few long weapons.  Not only is it to protect you, your family, and/or friends, but also to hunt for food and the whatnot.  Remember that the most important thing about a bug out bag is to be a survival bag: everything that you will need to sustain life.  I would include some rope, string, or something to tie up waste, food from animals and other items.  Personally, I have 550 Parachutist Retention Cord in my pack.  It is strong, durable, and best of all: lite!

The next thing that needs to be in your bag is a medical kit.  There are several things that can go into your bag, but the most important thing to go into your bag is bandages.  Depending on your medical knowledge is going to base what is in your medical kit.  For most of the population that has little medical training Neosporin and hydrogen peroxide are going to be a must along-side the bandages that are also in your medical kit.  Acetaminophen, naproxen, and ibuprofen would be good to have in your medical bags as well.  Surgical tape, scissors and other medical accessories could be an appropriate part of your kit too.  If you are more medically savvy then it could be prudent to have some anti-coagulants, coagulants, and saline bags and needles.  Medical kits are a must in a bug out bag, but at the same time it is relevant to know how to use exactly everything that you need that is in your bag.

Last but not least you need is food.  Food is an essential item in your sack.  Freeze dried food and canned foods are going to be your best bet.  You can get freeze dried foods just about anywhere that sells camping gear.  Food is going to be something that you should be able to get on your own.  But at the same time for the first few days before you can set up a real base of operations, it will be good to have some subsistence that is able to be easily accessed and easily and readily made.guns-food-water

In conclusion, your bug out bag is like your camping trip bag, but only for long term.  Let’s just hope that it is not for an overly long time!  I believe that everyone can make an excellent bag, and I look forward to feedback on others ideas.  Remember, that this is just a guide, not a definite – how-to manual.  Just remember that there is always one thing that I keep in mind over everything:  Put God first in everything that we do, that way we can gain His favor.  Even if you do not believe in Him, there is something to be said for blind dedication!

List for Easy Checking


–          Watch

–          Cell Phone

–          Pocket Knife


–          Wet weather bag inside

  • Food
  • Water
  • Bible
  • Flash light
  • Lighter
  • Pistol
  • Knives
  • First Aid Kit
  • 550 Chord
  • Poncho
  • Field Jacket
  • E-tool (Entrenching tool [shovel])


–          Ammo

MP 15

–          Ammo

.40 Cal (or other handgun)

–          Ammo


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Until next time: PEACE!

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