American’s lose soldiers annually due to combat. That combat is either overseas or here at home in the United States with themselves, through mental illness or drug and alcohol abuse. Besides our children here in America, the Veteran is America’s most valuable asset. The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines exemplify what the United States of America is about. is on a mission to help our Veterans. Help our Veterans gain access to organizations and help that they need, including but not limited to: helping gain access for health and well-being through the Veteran’s Administration’s lengthy and confusing processes, teaching Veteran’s how to cope with their issues by teaching coping skills, and to get Veteran’s reemployed and off of the streets.

Furthermore, is to continue utilizing its web presence to further help civilians better understand the life of a Veteran, by writing articles that inspire and create empathy in the reader’s hearts. Each article will be inspired by Faith and understanding.

Additionally, will continue to write about current events and trending topics in social media.



Kenny Holmes

Conservative minded, Army Combat Veteran  of OIF/07-08, Freedom and liberty seeker.  CoFounder of, in 2007, before heading to Iraq.

Timmie Mangrum

Rough and tough CoFounder of is an active contributer of the truth through active conversations with Kenny Holmes.  OIF 03/04 and 07/08.

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